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10 June 2005

Before Sunset

Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy
Directed by Richard Linklater (Before Sunrise)

From Hollywood Video: "It's been nine years since Jesse and Celine spent a night together in Vienna (Before Sunrise). When Jesse travels to Paris to promote his book, the two meet again."

I saw this film for the first time back in November but rented it again for a day like today: it's raining, the kids are sleeping, and I have no grand ambitions for my Friday afternoon. The movie really is as simple as the little blurb copied above. They meet, they walk, they talk... and they look at each other so hard, trying to see through each other's skin and lies and lives to find the truth. Could it be possible? Could they really feel as passionately toward each other despite the miles, the years, and the circumstances that have distanced them from that one perfect night together? The quest you witness on their faces - to know the truth even as they fear it disappointment - is the heart of the film. With the same style of beautiful, rambling conversation, now jaded by time, they reunite with so many unspoken desires. It requires the duration of the film to unravel them. A brilliant use of intellect and romance to portray a quiet war between reality and hopefulness - and with the same "choose your own ending" ambiguity (for those of you who never believed they'd met again).

I adore this film.

Blogger Ashok said...

Hey, I guess the image should be changed since right now it shows the poster of "Kingdom of Heaven". This is one of the movies which I need to write review about some point of time. I have lot of things to write about lot other movies which inspired me to be what I am right. Before Sunrise/Sunset is definitely among them.


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