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20 June 2005

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

John Cho, Kal Penn & Neil Patrick Harris
Directed by Danny Leiner (Dude, Where's My Car?)

From Hollywood Video: "A Korean-American investment banker and his fellow twenty-something roommate, an Indian-American medical student, learn a great deal about themselves and each other after they embark upon a pot-fueled expedition to satisfy their cravings for White Castle burgers."

Just as a note, we subscribe to a plan through Hollywood Video that allows us to rent as many movies as we want for a set fee of $10 per month, with three movies out at a time. Hence all of the films we've been watching lately. I didn't want anyone to think that we spent actual dollars on this fluffy treat!

Now, on to the review: Harold and Kumar are metaphors for the unfulfilled self, the disregard of contentment for unattainable desires, and are themselves symbolic of the compulsion reactions of either retreating fear or arrogant apathy fostered by America's racism toward its ethnic minorities.

That, and they got high, rode a cheetah, watched Doogie Howser sniff coke off some stripper's ass, stole a truck, saw some boobs, got bit by a racoon, took a ride on a hang-glider, broke out of jail, saved a man from dying of gun shot wounds, kissed a dream girl, and other manner of craziness. And in the end, yes, they get to White Castle.

Funny that they had to venture so far for burgers that are quite possibly more disgusting than can be put into words. White Castle is the nearest fast food place to our house, at less than a 1/2 mile away, which also makes their quest seem so absurd. All night to get to White Castle? For us, it would be a two minute car ride.... but who knows what could happen in that time!

A silly movie, but certainly funnier than a lot of other well-regarded comedies. Not quite Office Space, mind you, but entertaining. It was just consistent enough to keep us watching without blowing all of its funny in the first half hour. Oh, but what's with the Indian kid eating hamburgers (especially considering what Keven told me, that they had to make vegetarian burgers for Kal Penn to eat because he is a practicing Hindu)? Must be his anti-establishment rebellion - or the pot. And another tidbit from Keven, probably via IMDB: this is the only time a major fast food chain has actively endorsed an R-rated movie. Too bad I find White Castle so repulsive or I'd support them!

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