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04 July 2005

Toy Story II & Blue's Clues

Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack & Kelsey Grammar
Directed by John Lasseter (Toy Story)

From Hollywood Video: "When a boy leaves for summer camp, an evil toy collector steals his beloved cowboy doll Woody. Woody's toy friends must rescue him before Andy returns home."

I’m still catching up from my exile to the land of dial-up. This is two reviews for the price of one.

We watched Toy Story II on satellite on Friday night when the kids were wired and not yet ready to sleep. My parents had never seen it before. Full of humor for young and old alike, it is a great flick, still very funny – we kept watching it even after the girls were shuffled off to bed. Mom was especially amused by the animated outtakes.

We also watch (CONTINUOUSLY, it seems):

Steven Burns, Traci Paige Johnson & Ray Charles
Directed by Todd Kessler

From Hollywood Video: "Blue's singing partner loses her voice before their backyard music show. Can you help Blue find a replacement before the show starts?"

I had to buy a copy from Ebay after the girls became addicted to it through multiple library rentals. For anyone with kids under five or six years old, this is a brilliant film. Lots of interaction, dancing, singing, information about the structure of music, and songs that (once stuck in your head) aren’t terribly annoying. Juliette quotes lines from it, and Ilsa sings “buh-ba-ba” along with Blue. Good fun. Oh, and it features the original Blue’s actor, Steve, as opposed to his inferior replacement, Joe. Which is important.

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