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14 November 2005

Serendipity (2001)

John Cusack (Jon), Kate Beckinsale (Sara) and John Corbett (Lars)

Directed by Peter Chelsom (Shall We Dance)

From Hollywood Video: "A man and a woman fall in love at first sight. After discussing 'fortunate acci- dents,' the two decide to put their romance to the test by letting destiny determine their future."

I won't say much about this film other than:

1) I don't understand how I managed to miss this one completely. I don't remember trailers for it or promotions of any kind. I like John Cusack, and Kate Beckinsale is nice enough. And I'm usually a sucker for light-hearted romantic comedies. I mean, I saw Kate & Leopold in the theater!

2) It was funnier than I expected it to be, and less annoying than a film of its ilk could be.

3) It reminded me of any number of "one kiss" films, where the hero and heroine get together at the end with a symbolic first kiss. Formulaic, yes. Fun to behold when done well, yes. While this movie does not rank with the likes of classic "one kiss" films such as Sabrina, French Kiss, The Shop Around the Corner, Sleepless in Seattle (where there wasn't even a kiss!), or While You Were Sleeping, it was a pleasant and enjoyable hour and a half. And it has probably done nice things for the sale of Love in the Time of Cholera, especially around Valentine's Day.

Blogger Tess said...

I thought this was a sweet but not terribly deep movie.

Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Ah, but I am in such a mood for shallow (as my next book review will again demonstrate)! I'm a little weary of high art - my last seven weeks have consisted of two history-based novels and twelve subtitled works. The last piece of fluff I watched or read was Serenity. Bring on more popcorn flicks!

Blogger Diva Kitty's Mom said...

Don't forget Mr. Darcy... (um, think I need a personal moment)

Blogger carrie_lofty said...

You know I've never actually seen P&P (if you mean the version of Mr. Darcy played by Colin Firth). I think I need to seek it out at my library. I cannot continue to neglect my cultural education in this way...


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