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11 February 2006

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Brad Pitt (John Smith), Angelina Jolie (Jane Smith), Vince Vaughn (Eddie)

Directed by Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity)

From Hollywood Video: "On the outside, happily married Jane and John are glamorous, young, and sexy. What they don't know about each other is that they're both hired assassins who jet around the world offing people for cold hard cash. What they soon find out is that they've been hired to whack each other."

What is with that movie description? It's been translated into faux-"Sopranos" speak.

Jolie wore very nice garter belts, coats, thigh-high boots, and men's shirts, and her hair was perfect no matter the destruction raging around them, but there was not nearly enough hard-core movie make-out sex. The PG-13 rating kept this from being a truly entertaining film. The banter was cute, but not laugh-aloud funny. They were just TOO COOL to be funny, as opposed to the bunch in the Ocean's films who managed to be both. The finale fight scene lasted entirely too long. But eye candy? Yes it was. Just wanted a bit more candy and a little less mayhem.

I love it when Jolie stops pouting a proves she can act. There is a moment when she and Pitt are in a stand-off, guns to each other's heads, and he lowers his weapon. She wants the excuse to kill him. She's crying. She yells at him... and her voice breaks. Such a throw-away little movie, but there was some serious depth to that scene. Unfortunately for Brad, as with his scenes opposite the incomparable Peter O'Toole in Troy, he was laughably out-classed.

Oh, and Cameron from "House" made a surprise appearance. Good to see people you enjoy seeing everyday clawing their way onto the big screen. George Clooney is every TV actor's hero.

Blogger Diva Kitty's Mom said...

I wanted this to be a cross of Oceans 11 & True Lies... sadly it wasn't.


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