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27 March 2006

The Age of Reason (1945)

By Jean-Paul Sartre

Wikipedia only has a brief entry here, but it describes the plot.


Because Wikipedia contains no substantial examination of this novel, and because I did not want to present the "dude, this was hard" impression I gleaned from this synopsis, I had to give my review a little time and thought. Had The Age of Reason been the fictional creation of some random author, I would have dealt solely with the success or failures of narratives, characterization, and themes. However, because the author was one of the most influential philosophers and social critics of the 20th century, I felt compelled to critique this work with a more philosophic bent.

Sartre expounded his existential philosophy in both fiction and works of theory, thus analyzing this novel in order to better understand Sartre's existentialism is a valid pursuit. As the phenomenologists believed, "ideas are the product of experiences of real-life situations, and...novels and plays describing such fundamental experiences have as much value as do discursive essays for the elaboration of philosophical theories" (unless noted, all quotes without page numbers are from the Wikipedia article on Sartre, linked above).

Briefly, the characters:
  • Mathieu, a 34-year-old philosophy professor who, for the three days, searches for the 5,000 francs it will cost to secure an abortion for his mistress of seven years;
  • Daniel, a devastatingly handsome and self-loathing homosexual who serves as Mathieu's foil, friend, and chief rival both with regard to Marcelle and to their competing ideas about the nature of freedom, choice and existence;
  • Marcelle, Mathieu's sickly lover and a character almost entirely defined by Mathieu and Daniel's descriptions;
  • Boris, a youth-obsessed 24-year-old son of Russian immigrants and student of Mathieu’s who prides himself on the fact that he has no original ideas - yet - for fear of looking like a foolish, overreaching young man;
  • Ivich, Boris's slightly older sister, a student desperate to pass her exams if only to avoid returning to the small town where her parents live, and the object of Mathieu's unrequited fascination; and
  • Lola, a fundamentally insecure 40-something, cocaine- addicted lounge singer who knows that her doomed affair with Boris, so many years her junior, is likely to be her last hurrah
On a personal note, I was repelled by roughly 90% of each characters’ beliefs, opinions, and actions, while the remaining 10% provided some sense of chuckling reminiscence, along the lines of Yevgeny Bazarov in Turgenev's exploration of nihilism, Fathers and Sons. I have known people like this, but they were – for the most part – 20-year-old philosophy students. I find grown people who act and think with such self-pitying, transfixed incapability both sad and humorous.

While reading, I was very conscious of Sartre's attempt to make a point or come to a conclusion, leaving me to wonder, throughout, as to his sympathies as an author. Did he intend his characters to be regarded with pity, admiration, scorn, or some other combination of reactions? I kept asking myself, "Whose side is he on? What point of view or course of action does he advocate?" Without any clear answer to those questions upon its conclusion, I found the need to look briefly into Sartre's biography and philosophies, as developed in other sources, as well as criticisms of his works.

Sartre as Mathieu

Sartre began a life-long romantic relationship with Simone de Beauvoir in the early 1930s, throughout which they were inseparable – although non-monogamous – companions and intellectual mates. I was immediately reminded of Mathieu's relationship with Marcelle, where respect and the rejection of their bourgeois upbringing trumped every other feeling and impulse. Their lack of monogamy (if not in deed, then in pursuit) also paralleled reality.

Other parallels abound. Sartre, after spending nine months in a Nazi prison camp in 1941, was released and given civilian status. He returned to Paris and took a university teaching position, replacing a Jewish professor who was forbidden to teach under Vichy law. He organized a failed gathering of resistance-minded intellectuals before deciding to write – as opposed to deepening his active involvement. The French philosopher and resistant Vladimir Jankelevitch "criticized Sartre's lack of political commitment during the German Occupation, and interpreted his further struggles for liberty as an attempt to redeem himself." Following the war, Sartre supported Communist ideals but never officially joined the Community party.

Mathieu, too, shirks action in favor of philosophies and the securities of old habits. He is, point-blank, asked by his friend Brunet to join the Communist Party, but Mathieu refuses. He did not want to sacrifice his freedom to an organized institution. He wishes he could join the husband of another friend as an anti-Fascist fighter in Spain, but he does not. In fact, he does not even truly wish to fight. Mathieu thinks, "I refused because I want to remain free: that’s what I say. And I can also say I was a coward. I enjoy saying no, always no, and I should be afraid of any attempt to construct a finally habitable world, because I should merely have to say yes and act like other people" (138). His quest to remain "free" is as much dogma as any political ideal, religion, or cultural tradition, but without the consistency of principle or morality that might guide him when he faces the crisis of Marcelle's pregnancy and his own advancing age.

Sartre also displayed Mathieu's affection for younger women. Mathieu repeatedly notes how young Ivich is, how unformed, selfish, and naïve she is, but he still desires her with the longing of an older man clinging to a youthful creature. Sartre must have felt similar urges throughout his life because he eventually carried on a rather public affair in the 1960s with a young woman who became his adopted daughter in 1968. Hmmm. Freud would have thought that very interesting.

Daniel and Self-Loathing

Daniel is a twisted character, but he is probably the character most aware of his own failings. He finds his homosexuality deplorable, but he is unable to inflict any sort of punishment for his desires. He tries to drown his cats – the things he loves most in the world – but is unable to commit the act. He holds a razor with the intention of castrating himself, but he cannot. He follows pedophiliac men around the haunts where young boys work as prostitutes, despising them and, in turn, his own desires.

After experiencing his failings time and again, like his unwillingness to kill the cats and his inability to carry out self-mutilation (which in itself was a compromise from suicide), Daniel hates himself all the more. Following a sexual encounter with a young man, Daniel looks at his lover and "his hands begin to tremble: he longed to squeeze that thin neck with its protuberant Adam's apple and feel it crack beneath his fingers" (297). Sartre is careful to use tricks of language that serve to distance Daniel from those things he despises – and therefore from himself. For example, he uses the word "they" to refer to homosexuals, not the word "we." Daniel thinks about his lover's inability to defend himself in a fight: "Afterwards they always talked about smashing someone's face in" (299).

Daniel's eventual decision to marry Marcelle, when Mathieu makes a muck of his relationship with her, further confuses his own identity and sexuality. While he admits to Mathieu the truth of his homosexuality, he feels a deep hatred toward his friend because there exists yet another person in the world who knows his deepest secret.

So where does Daniel fit into existentialism? Existentialists reject(ed) the notion that reality is defined by a rational consciousness that can doubt all realities, instead positing that humans achieve consciousness in a world already imbued with context and history. Humans cannot reject that world into which their conscious minds emerge. Therefore Daniel's consciousness, which so desperately wished to commit acts of self-mutilation and exhibit restraint in the face of unwanted sexual desires, could not deny either the biological impulses or societal mores that influenced him.

Think again. "Sartre's dictum 'existence precedes and rules essence' is generally taken to mean that there is no pre-defined essence to humanity, except that which people make for themselves," and therefore, "human beings are free to act as they choose." To reconcile this notion with Daniel's homosexuality, one must assume that although he was driven by a hard-wired biological impulse toward same-sex desire, he actively wanted to behave otherwise. Sartre presents Daniel as an example of a consciousness that stands ready to defy even its most basic essence in favor of active choice. That Daniel continually fails to follow through with the ideals of his higher consciousness is simply a matter of choice and is not the absolute influence of some unmitigated essence.

Bad Faith

Sartre coined the phrase "bad faith" (mauvaise foi) to mean "the conflict between oppressive, spiritually-destructive conformity" and an "authentic state of being." In other words, characters and people who exhibit "bad faith" are lying to themselves. In that case, everyone in The Age of Reason should be drowned in their own bad faith, except maybe Daniel who suitably recovers from any self-deception before he is caught off-guard by his behavior. He knows when he is trying to deceive himself and does not allow the farce to continue. The others live in a perpetual state of disguise and willing deception.

For example, Ivich and Boris are a pair of contemptible young people with no sense of true authenticity. They are studied creations who keep secrets from everyone, most especially themselves. While secretly watching them talk to each other, Mathieu observes: "soon they would catch sight of him, they would turn towards him those impassive faces which they kept for their parents and important persons" and that "even with her brother Ivich did not quite let herself go, she played the part of the elder sister, she never forgot herself" (184-185).

Their conformity and bad faith abounds: Ivich guzzles champagne to get drunk (even though she does not like to drink), she slashes her hand with a knife to prove she is a non-conformist (thus reinforcing her persona-of-choice, that of a wild, unpredictable woman), and Boris does not consider the possibility that his lack of original ideas may be less from youth and more from laziness or fear. And I didn't really touch on the bizarre relationship he sustains with Lola, the singer! Even Daniel, for all his attempts to live without self-deception, consistently chooses the least resistant path. He would have been braver, for example, living as an openly gay man than he was in agreeing to marry Marcelle.

Finally Mathieu, tired of his abundance of bad faith, must acknowledge the vacuity of his existence. In the novel's concluding paragraph, he observes (in the third person, another distancing technique), "this life had been given him for nothing, and he was nothing and yet he would not change: he was as he was made" (342). To read Sartre as consistent, in that we are not pre-determined beings of essence but active consciousnesses with the potential for choice, then Mathieu must be lying to himself still. To say that he was made that way is merely an excuse for inaction. However, if Mathieu is consistent, then perhaps Sartre is the one exhibiting the bad faith.


Perhaps he tired of his inability to commit to a cause, because Sartre eventually became instrumental in protests against the French occupation of North Africa. Perhaps he tired of living and speaking vicariously through fictional creations, because Sartre eventually declared that literature functioned as a bourgeois substitute for any serious commitment to the world. Perhaps The Age of Reason was merely a testing ground for the theories of a relatively young man still grappling with his (lack of) place and purpose in the world.

No matter. The Age of Reason was a decidedly open-ended and hazy creation of questionable lasting impact on my world view. The characters were fully-fleshed to a successfully repulsive degree, and the conclusion presented a picture of lives capable of continuing to the last breath without any real shift toward self-awareness. Do I have any doubt that Mathieu would wake up the next morning and continue this new line of schtick? Nope.

Wikipedia described Sartre as "ambiguous." I concur. Go now and interpret as you will. The choice is yours, apparently.

Source text:
Sartre, Jean-Paul. The Age of Reason. Translated from the French by Eric Sutton. Bantam Books: New York. 1959.


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Blogger Mircalla said...

Oh, how many reminiscences from school! I studied Sartre in my last year of secondary school!
I am going to print your review out and read it carefully tonight so that I can discuss it with you as well as with my philosophy-lover cousin Valentina. :o )

Blogger carrie_lofty said...

Please do - help me figure this thing out!

Anonymous Pacze Moj said...

Great post!

I haven't read anything by Sartre (except a few glances into The Reprieve while looking for books about the Munich Conference), so I don't think I can add anything to the discussion; however, there's at least one part of Sartre's ideas that I don't understand: if everyone has free choice and the power to create his or her own existence, why is conformity ("bad faith"?) so bad?

You're free to choose unless you choose to lie to yourself?

You're free to choose unless you choose not to choose?

I'm a bit confused by it all, but I've never understood existentialism beyond the few famous quotations and general ideas -- so I'm missing out on all the explanations.

On another note, your description of Sartre (rejection of literature, embrace of ambiguity, experience in the Second World War) remind me of the Conchis character in Jown Fowles' The Magus, which I'm slowly making my way through.

Again, great post.


Blogger carrie_lofty said...

From what I gathered, the idea of bad faith is that you can only make an active choice if you are honest with yourself. Mathieu was not free until he came to that conclusion. People who do not make choices at all - say, they are completely apathetic and live by the whims of circumstance and societal expectations - are passive. But you are right that one of the major criticisms of existentialism is the issue of conformity. Scruton suggested, "[existentialism denies] any universal moral creed, yet speaks of these concepts as if everyone were bound to abide them." So if I actively choose to be a conformist and live my life within the morality of society, or if you decide not to make a choice at all, that would have to be in keeping with existentialism.


Blogger Mircalla said...

“So if I actively choose to be a conformist and live my life within the morality of society, or if you decide not to make a choice at all, that would have to be in keeping with existentialism.”

You made the point: you are allowed to live your conformist life if you "actively", consciously, with awareness and cognition choose to conduct a conformist existence.
However, if you are a conformist, in the strict sense of the word, you follow the stream and established practice without much reasoning and end up deceiving your-self with hypocritical and false believes. In that case, to answer your question, Pacze Moj, I do not think you can define yourself free (*freedom* intended as *absolute freedom* and not with *free will*!)… I think …

Anyway, philosophy is not an exact science, and it is meant to raise questions more than give answers. I think this is the beauty of it: the fact that you can find your own answer on the basis of your own understanding of life through personal experiences and ideas and beliefs …

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